Last semester, one project that I had a lot of fun with was our packaging project. We were tasked with designing, printing, and constructing packaging for a fictional brand of our own design. I came up with "BUZZ N' BOLT", a line of caffeinated breakfast cereal that comes in 4 different flavors of coffee. I printed 4 different cereal boxes with actual cereal inside, as well as constructed a physical point of sale display for the cereal boxes out of wood and clay. I also designed a loyalty program for BUZZ N' BOLT in the form of an app, and created a process book that explains how I went about my creative process when completing this project. One of my favorite parts about this project was getting to design a brand mascot for the very first time, which is something that I had been wanting to challenge myself with since being in the graphic design program. Overall, this project was definitely one of my favorites while being a student at UCF, and allowed me to gain insight on design practices I would like to pursue throughout my career!
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